Boosting Startup Restaurants
"It takes guts and imagination to open a restaurant."
A new restaurant faces fierce competition and better-than-not odds of shuttering within the first year. To make it, you have to believe in your vision and know how to effectively execute it.

There's a saying..."If you want to make a small fortune, then take a large one and go into the restaurant business."

And yet new restaurants are constantly being established because their owners, operators and staff have a passion for the work; Scott shares that passion for the restaurant business and enterprising startups. He's committed to using his decades of expertise in all facets of concept development and restaurant operations to guide startup restaurants toward their best shot at long-term success.
Scott has concept developer bona fides. He oversaw the startup of the wildly successful Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, a first-ever concept that turned a movie into a restaurant franchise. The popular Capi's Italian Kitchen and Mai Tai Bar were more of his winning concepts.
Scott works alongside aspiring restaurateurs, respecting their vision and passion. His goal is to collaborate to bring ideas to fruition, taking into account the client's core concept and values. Providing a much-needed outside perspective to concept development, he helps flesh out restaurant concept ideas and analyze their feasibility in a particular market.

The approach combines the aspirational with the realistic….
"Concept development is the art of creation with the necessity of survival."
In addition to concept development, Scott can address the full array of issues particular to a startup restaurant, most notably:
Real Estate
Scott can provide access to site analytics with drilled-down demographics and geo-tracking information to determine who may be coming to the restaurant, how they are getting there, and where they are coming from. He can also help with site reviews, LOIs and leasing negotiations.
Bar Engineering
The bar is where many restaurants make their profits or lose big. Attention to detail is key in all aspects of the restaurant business, and none more than the bar setup. Get expert advice on bar design, employee training, drink menus, and more.
Financial or Business Plan
Identify capital budget requirements to get your restaurant off the ground, taking into account all costs and sales projections. Or, get a full plan that connects the dots between your financial needs with all aspects of your concept, including decor, menu, bar strategy, and market niche.

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